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Serving Indianapolis & Surrounding Counties

Mojo Bean was created as an alternative to national companies.  No national company can deliver the quality of service and level of support as Mojo Bean.  After years in the coffee business, I could see a need for the personal attention a local company could supply.  I knew a local company could respond quickly to emergencies,  provide consistent deliveries and a more flexible item mix.  Mojo Bean's success and the quantity of our satisfied customers proves the need was real.

Mojo Bean sells really great coffee, our break room snacks are always fresh and we take the best care of our customers.  Give me a call for a personal consultation on your beverage and break room needs.

Mark Burris - Owner
317-783-Mojo (6656)


An excellent employee benefit.  As a small token of your appreciation to your employees, a great cup of coffee goes a long way to a more productive workday.  It also saves time in offices still going to the local donut shop for "the good coffee".

 We select only the very best high mountain grown Arabica beans.  These beans grow slower and are more dense.  Store bought brands are 40% to 80% Robusta beans.  These beans are filler!  They are grown at lower altitude, are less dense and leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Serve a high quality cup of coffee from a clean coffee and beverage center.  Delicious coffee has a positive effect on a prospective client's image of your firm.  It sounds like a small point, but you've gone to a lot of trouble to polish your image, you shouldn't spoil that with a bad cup of coffee.

There will be no need to earmark employee resources to shop for coffee and related snack room products.  Let Mojo Bean be your "Supermarket on wheels".  All break room expenses will be itemized on one bill.  This makes tracking and year end bookkeeping easier.

You can speak with me, Mark Burris, the owner of Mojo Bean any day of the week.  I am more than happy to meet with you on any issue.  Try that with a National Company!

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